Accept No Immitations! PinkMinkMafia~Bulletproof Clothing has set the foundation on promoting beautiful women in our Rockabilly/ Psychobilly, Punkrock/ and Rock and Roll culture through our signature clothing "PMM". We are not just a female owned clothing company that introduced the initial style "RockaChola" from the streets into a household name, but we are now "Alternative Vixens" that promote our own individuality. Our clothing promotes our life style and  culture that consists of people that see and support our vision. That vision is to positively put beautiful, intelligent tatttooed women on the map.   We all want to accomplish the same mission and that is to show people "Never judge a book by it's cover and to keep our women classy. We are strong independent women that come in all shapes, sizes and INK".

Setting the record straight, PMM was established in November of 2006, and was the FIRST female clothing brand to transform into a female social group in our scene. Do  not accept Poser companies out there that tell you different. We believe in supporting our local musicians, artists, tattoo artists, car clubs, barbershops, make- up and hair babes, photographers and concert venues. Special thanks to our new staff photographer Pedro Rodriguez and A SolidMind Productions for our documentaries and La Vida Rockabilly for promotions.

Our achievements has giving us an opportunity to appear in POWER 106 to discuss the unique style of  PMM, to making television appearances on shows that support Latino communities like Thee Mr. Duran Show to guest appearances such as the " I Love Jenny". PMM has also been featured in various magazines ( i.e. Rebel Ink, Urban Ink and Deadbeat Magazines)  in two book publications "City of Style" by Melissa Magsaysay and "Bodies of Subversion" by Margot Mifflin and a fashion magazine STYLE.COM. Our recent accomplishment was to have our clothing debut in the motion picture "Blaze You Out" and the list keeps on growing.

Founder/CEO Latina Vamp (LV) and her lovely ladies from the Los Angeles Chapter dolls can be found on any given day on the streets of the city they love so much which include the I.E, L.A, SGV and O.C but don't forget we are also across the  states ( Las Vegas & Texas Chapters)  and globe ( Japan, Brazil and France). 

To own and wear PMM clothing, is to represent our lifestyle proudly and support our revolution to break free generic mold society feels we should be.

Latina Vamp
Founder /CEO~

We would not be here without your continued support from our fans!  Thank you for helping spread the word~

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